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Seminole Canyon State Park

On my first arrival at Seminole Canyon State Park I was not that impressed, it looked like any other dry arid landscape but on further investigation my insights turned out to be totally wrong.

This place is well worth stopping for it not only offers some of the greatest pictographs on canyon walls, (by the way these can be found by a guided tour for a meager sum of $5.00 for a 1 1/2 tour) but is very informative as well, well worth the money spent.

This park also offers a great set of hiking trails. One is a 7 mile trail that takes you along the canyon ridge, as well as to Panther cave which houses some of the best pictographs of a shamans journey on behalf of its people only accessible by boat tour. On another trail you are lead to a stunning view of the canyon, especially viewed after a couple of days rain with the infusion of new water.

The staff is outgoing and friendly and willing to go to great lengths to ensure a great visit. The camp host is an awesome couple as well.

I would rate this a 2 thumbs up, it offers showers, baths and water and electric. It also offers a private camping area as well. I enjoyed my stay and would recommend it to any cyclist on the Adventure Cycling Association’s Southern Tier Route.