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Category: Financial Stop

Rio Frio, Texas shows me the money!

During one’s travels, when one ventures upon such a quest as a 3 year journey, one will from time to time stop for a short while to find work and replenish one’s bank account. This is one of those times for me .With about 4 months under my belt I started seeking short time employment and a place to abide my time in peace. The name of that place happens to be Rio Frio, Texas. This is a town that time has forgotten primarily due to the construction of Highway 83. The town offers cabin rentals to tourists and not much more. Rio Frio no longer lies on the main highway and has a population numbering less than 824.

For sixteen weeks I’m living on a 3 acre piece of land in a quaint little guest home. One of four that the owner has built. He happens to be a fine carpenter. The grounds were planted and designed by his wife. The property used to be the local school for the community, built sometime in the 1870s. It burned down and was rebuilt elsewhere. Here all that remains of the existing structure is the concrete shell. The roof collapsed as you will see in my photo gallery.

Under the skillful hands and directions of my host and his wife this place is now a sanctuary of rest. This has become a place of refuge for many bird species as it boasts a nice little pond. The back of the property has a livestock area where they raise their own animals and chickens, from which I receive a caloric benefit each morning. I spend my mornings each day before preparing to go to work sitting on my little porch and enjoying freshly pressed coffee while watching and listening to the birds and perhaps seeing a rabbit or two hop by.

I’m about two weeks into my commitment and in about fourteen weeks I will continue on with my adventures. In my free time I take long walks with my walking stick studying bushcraft books and camping at Garner State Park when time allows. I’m also currently working on a line  of line bushcraft jewelry and accents for walking sticks using antler pieces, arrow heads, leather and other materials.

More info is forthcoming. In the meantime…. live free and have fun.