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Tag: Tucson

I’m off! Commence 1+ year on the road!

On Tuesday, March 14th (PI Day), 2017, after a night on the couch at KKCD’s house I began making my way south to Tucson. A wrong turn forced me to briefly ride on the I-10 as I was not about to turn around and backtrack many miles. Having ridden on highways much like the I-10 in other states, I was comfortable doing so. The Department of Public Safety was not so comfortable with me doing so. Fortunately one of the patrolmen that stopped me was nice enough to escort me for a few miles after I assured him I was exiting just a few exits later.

I spent the night at Picacho Peak State Park, a wonderful place. Unfortunately they do not offer discounts to hiker/biker campers but thankfully the host found a more affordable solution for me as opposed to the standard $30 per night fee.

Upon arriving in Tuscon the following day I found a wonderful host using I also decided that I’m abandoning my plan to bike to the Grand Canyon and then back down to Tuscon before heading east on the Southern Tier. I’m here in Tucson, right on the Southern Tier, I might as well start my trip east! But only after exploring Tuscon for a handful of days!